Why: Good spread on the two EMA’s. Small inside candle. According to my backtesting they have a slightly higher win rate. Mothercandle reached a new high since 21th Nov.

How: stop order at 0.90219, SL 0.89537 and TP1 0.90872

Comments: There might be some correlation between some of my open trades already. According to my trading plan I cannot risk more of my bank with markets that are this close correlated.


Extra trade on GBPCAD

Why: The last trade hit the TP1 and SL moved to BE. A new inside candle showed up. 

How: A buy order just above the mothercandle. SL few pips below mothercandle. 

Comments: I’m aware that anything can happen. But it does look like one of the better setups I’ve spotted so far. Only thing I know is that something will happen…

Price continues long. TP is 1:1 as always. Risk is 2% of account


First trade [Demo]

Why: Big bearish candle appeared early 27th as the mothercandle. The retracement candle came right after. Distance between 6EMA and 21EMA is good.

How: Stop-loss below “mothercandle”. Stoporder placed 5pips above mothercandle. First order with TP1 as a R1:1 Second trade will continue until 6EMA goes in opposite direction (down)

Order were filled on the 27th Nov. First target already hit and will exit when 6EMA starts to go opposite direction