Welcome to my blog!

With this page I’m suppose to tell you all how much money I have been trowing away because of trading. At least that’s how 95% of all success stories starts. In every book I have read, in every blog I have seen and in every trading story that has been told.

One of my goals with this blog is to show others (and myself) that you don’t need to go bankrupt or be emotional reborn in order to be consistently profitable in trading.

Trading is not a “get rich quick”. It takes discipline and dedication. These terms are mentioned in every book about trading… So you wont read bla bla bla “cut you loses and let your profit run” on this pages. Nor will I tell you how to trade. There is no holy grail. You do not know, who you are trading against at that given moment you open a position. The only one you can control is yourself.

I will however, to maintain my 2e system trading rules, keep posting my trades with comments on how and why I takes these positions.

More importantly…I’m not a profitable trader yet. In fact I’m started my live account few months ago. As you can see in my portfolio. This blog will evolve as my trading progress. I will share my emotions and frustration and most important of all…How to deal with these negative thoughts. I don’t have all the answers but when I do find them it will be posted for you all here at my blog.


Happy trading! 🙂


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