Athlete to trader

I would like to start with a picture:


When I was a kid, I wanted to be the best soccer player in the world. When I got older, I wanted to be the best runner in the country, continent and in the world. When I told people that, they laughed. I told them my idea how and why. Even my family asked me if it wasn’t a better idea to spend my time on “real” things. But I didn’t stop dreaming from 0-28 years. In that time, I was in the European championship and the World championships. I won the national championship 9 times in a row. With or without injuries. I trained 6-8 times a week with a undoubtedly believe that this was my call. As many athletes experience, we get injured so bad that we can’t barely get up in the morning because of the pain. Of course, I started to enjoy my life more and realized that I could do other stuff that made me just as happy.

One night in a bus to Washington, I opened a book about Forex trading. It wasn’t a very exiting one. But for 6 hours straight I kept on reading (At that time I never had opened a book for more than 30 min). I simply couldn’t stop. I wrote down questions to the author and my 3 days in Washington was horrible. All I could think of was trading. I had the same feeling as the first time I ran on the track a cold winter night in January. I kept on reading and started a demo account. Didn’t know what to do besides Support/resistance lines and a couple of candlestick formations which I still found fascinating. I kept my 2% risk and after 100 trades I was still in great profit. Keeping it simple was for me a great deal of fun. But I asked my self : “what if I put more indicators on my charts…can you imagine the profits???”. Boy I was wrong. What happened was that I started doubting my self. Most of the time the indicators to different thing. The result was obvious. I didn’t really trade.

I read two books of Mark Douglas and the oldest Market Wizards books. For me those were like action movies where you really hear the stories of master minds. What I noticed was that they all had different approaches and background. Some even had success from the start of their career. Eventually I open a book about naked trading by Walter Peters. It all seemed so simple again and he was making a living out of trading doing these simple rules very effectively. But there was more to it than just trading his system. He actually encourage people to backtest his theories all the way. So I did, and here we are, I recently opened my first live trading account.

I will remain dedicated to trading just as I did with running. My training hours are even almost the same, but the good thing is that now, I can get out of bed every morning without sore legs 🙂

Oh and by the way…when I tell people about how I wan’t to be a trader, I get the same reaction as when I started running.


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