GBPCHF 4h pending

I remember in “the Market wizards” one of the traders said “if you have to choose 1 out of many setups, choose the one that is your least favorite” well this one is just like that. The setup according to my trading plan is there. Wide spread between the EMA’s, Large mothercandle and a nice inside candle. When I looked through the charts, this one wasn’t my first pick. Anyways, here it is…

Sell stop at 1.5058 and SL 1.5144 – TP1 is down at 1.4972

Oh another thing. My first live trade earlier that was stopped out, was my first real live trade. It turned out to be a loser, but I don’t care. I executed accordingly and moved on to the next trade.

I’m also happy to see more people visiting my blog. If you have any questions please let me know and I would love to hear your thoughts on this. There will be more on the different pages when time is right.

Happy trading


2 thoughts on “GBPCHF 4h pending

  1. i also read market wizard. im visiting your blog so that I can learn something and rub on me just like in the interview with the oshea fellow in market wizard. cant write well in English, hope your understand my writing.


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